Okay so here we go. There’s this guy who I go to school with. We’re friends who see each other every once in a while, though I’ve had an inkling that he has a thing for me for a while. Said inkling was confirmed this past winter break when I heard that he was talking about me to others who know me. Any who… Tonight we decided to hang out. We went out to the MOS and to a really nice dinner in the north end. It was a really nice time, a had a lot of fun. Then we took the T back to go home. He lives a few stops ahead of me and he ended up taking the T back to my apartment and dropping me off. And then he kissed me. And by kissed I mean like a lot of kissing. And I don’t know if I like this guy like that and… Ugh, I don’t know what to do. He’s such a sweetheart but I don’t think I can handle a relationship right now.

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